This product is designed for use as belt wiper or conveyor skirtboard. Skirtboard is ideal for mounting pad, flapping, sealing strips, or general construction and industrial use where abrasion resistance is imperative. It is available from ¼” to 1” gauges, and from 4” to 48” widths X 50ft.

Skirtboard also makes a great snowplow rubber cutting edge and snowplow blades are flexible and elastic, therefore absorb impact, shock, and conform easily to the road surface. Skirtboard will reduce damage to the plow surface, making it the ideal choice for use on residential concrete, parking garages, brick, cobblestone, pavers, or any other uneven surface.

We stock a complete line of Skirtboard products.



Description: Skirtboard is a sturdy sheet product designed for use as conveyor skirtboard or belt wiper.

Compound: Blend of GUM/SBR.

Color: Black.

Weight: Approximate weight per square foot: ¼” weighs 2 lb.

Durometer: 65-75 Shore A.

Temperature Range: -20 F to 212 F

Minimum Tensile: 725 PSI

Minimum Elongation: 300%

Finish: Smooth.

Gauges: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1 (custom gauges up to 2” thick are available upon request)

Widths: ”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 20”, 24”, 36”, 40”, 48”.

Roll Length: 50ft.


  • Street Sweepers, general construction, abrasion resistant applications, snowplow blades, airfield applications, general industrial padding, recreation areas, safety areas, gasketing.


  • Chemical Resistance:Good resistance to Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Glycerin, Sea Water, Boric Acid, and ChlorineSolutions. Not suited for use with Fuels, Oils, Solvents, or Hydraulic Fluids.